Randall McRoberts

A Christian, and merely so. Husband of one. Father of one. Autodidact omnivore. Just this guy.
Interested in the Bible, theology, photography, baseball (Boston Red Sox), and people. And other stuff.

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My photography portfolio is at Randall McRoberts Photo. At Flickr, I am randallmcroberts.

I also maintain a blog at Micro.blog: rmcrob.com. I'll call it a blog, but mostly I use it as a social outlet.

I have blood cancer. I hate to admit it, but the disease defines me to some extent because it takes all my energy. The meager amounts of energy I have don't go far to fuel my plans and aspirations.

Some Bible study discussion questions I wrote many years ago:

Letter of Paul to the Ephesians

Letter of Paul to the Philippians

Letter of James